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Susan Hitchcock's brushes for watercolors
A celebration of life
in watercolors and oils
paint tubes Susan Hitchcock uses for watercolors

WHILE WE STAND AND ADMIRE the beauty and genius of what evolution has created, the creatures themselves are busy, unmindful of us, going about the daily grind of their full time jobs—like finding enough to eat. I’m always amazed at how much energy a Sanderling or a Pelican or an Osprey has to expend in order to do that.


But then I’m reminded that in the grand scheme of things, it’s all been figured out. They go about their business, we watch and wonder. And I paint.

Gallery One
Gallery One–Watercolors

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Paintings by Susan Hitchcock

During a time when Susan and her husband lived on a small, remote island on the Chesapeake Bay, often the most numerous neighbors were the species of birds that populated the waters and fields all around — Ospreys, Bald Eagles, Tundra Swans, Herons, Canada Geese, and others. For Susan, watching and admiring those birds in their natural environment would evolve from a fascination into a source of inspiration.


After calling the Eastern Shore of Maryland home for 20 years, Susan and her husband migrated south in 2012 to Amelia Island, Florida. This was the time to dust off the dreams she’d veered away from years before. Trained originally in fine art, she had opted instead for the certainties and steady paychecks of a career in graphic design.


Northeast Florida has proven to be the ideal locale for taking her talents and training off the shelf. The birds and other visual treasures found along the beaches, docks and marshes around Amelia Island are a trove of visual inspiration. Watercolors are her medium of choice, though of late she has spread her wings to include paintings rendered in oils. 


From the aerodynamic elegance of a Pelican, to the lights and shadows illuminating a flock of shorebirds. or a lone Egret, it truly is a celebration of life at the water’s edge.

Gallery Two
Gallery Two–Watercolors

(Click on any image for a full-view slideshow, click again for size and price details)

Gallery Three – Oils

Gallery Three

(Click on any image for a full-view slideshow, click again for size and price details)


Paintings shown are subject to change due to purchases. If you're interested in a particular painting  that turns out to have been sold,

we can discuss a commission for a new

version of that painting.  Each rendition  has

its own distinct signature,  a fresh interpretation  of the original.


Paintings, prints, and note cards available at the Plantation Gallery, Amelia Island

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Unframed original watercolors and prints  available at JW Frame Gallery, Amelia Island

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